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Thread: Is my mb dead?

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    I messed around with the fsb and memory settings for my ECS N2U400-A mb often. This time I couldn't just clear CMOS and start up the system. I thought the CMOS wasn't cleared successfully so I went all the way to disconnecting the power supply, removing the battery and leaving it out overnight. It still won't boot up. Everything was working fine before I changed the settings. The fans still turn on, the hd light goes on and stays on for 1/2 minute and goes off; there's no video -- it is just like everytime I had a bad setting which I can restart with clearing the CMOS. I wonder if the board is dead or the CMOS still wasn't cleared. Please help.

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    sounds like the board has been pushed past it's limits. I think it might be dead if it doesn't want to work.

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    If you never got it to boot, then it is unlikely that you've actually blown anything by messing with the bios settings unless you changed the cpu or memory voltages, and I don't believe that's an option with that board.

    Double check to make sure you've put the "Clear Cmos" jumper back on pins 1-2 correctly. Just to be sure you've cleared cmos, here's the proper way to do it.

    • Remove the power lead
    • Press the power-on button to clear any residual power from the PSU
    • Move the "Clear Cmos" jumper to position 2-3
    • Wait 10 seconds
    • Move the "Clear Cmos" jumper to position 1-2
    • Insert the power lead

    If there's still no joy, best thing is to remove all leads from the motherboard that you don't actually need to get into bios (such as disk & optical drives, usb and audio devices), any add-on cards except the graphics card, and remove power leads from all the drives too. That should reduce the possibility that another part is dragging the system down. If that allows it to boot as far as bios setup you can start to add the parts back until it fails again.
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    That's exactly what one of the old motherboards did when fried the processor.
    I can turn it on, see fans go, hd light goes on a while then off, powe rlgihts stay on, screen is blank and nothing happens.

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    Double check you didn't forget some stupid cable or something, I always do that and it can bug you for hours.


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