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Thread: KL download quit after overnite shutdown

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    So Im 10% into a 700M video which was coming in on 4 users. Today the usenames come up, says "connecting", then it just drops to "more useres needed" till the next cycle. What gives, is my ISP (cable) blocking?

    Im using a router & switch, but it WAS working. Hmmm, now I get 5 usaers, and then a "pleae wait in line" message after they drop off. Grrrr!

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    KL u gotta be kidding? I though KL didn't exist....
    Use Limewire, shareaza, emule, instead

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    thats what i hear.... I use shar.. have that installed.

    BTW.. 1 user connected. sweet! ??

    S H

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    - Is it porn, because that's all the network has left.


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