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Thread: Any Such Programs?

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    Is there any programs out there that can let me record, umm... lets say a guitar and then let me record vocals and let me mix them together and make a recording? If anyone knows please tell me thanks.

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    sound forge (pretty advanced but simple)

    or free...audacity (
    its very easy to use.. free.. and powerful..

    its just a one track layered over another

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    There is a program called ACID by Sonic foundry. It has four channels, not sure if you can overdub. Also has the ability to add effects (echo, flange, distortion etc) to each individual channel. Also can change the pitch withoot changing the tempo & vice versa. Sorry but that's all i can remember, lost it when i got a virus & never bothered to get it back. Try looking in the Sonic Foundry website.
    Hope this helps.

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    Cool edit pro is the best it has the most features


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