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    I am new to all this and have just downloaded a DVD from Kazaalite and it is cut oof right at teh end. This is teh second oen I have downloaded that is like this. I am watching it on DIVX on my pc. Am I doing something wrong or should i just reserve my downloads to verifieds?

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    shit my spelling is bad sorry forgot to check my key strokes!

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    generally it's a good idea to use the verifieds. can you give a little more detail of your problem?
    plus, if you make a mistake, just click on edit at the top right of your post, lets you change it how you want it

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    Thanks for replying. I downloaded Men in Black II and it is 699mb (if I click on properties) file that runs for 1hr22mins. If I look at the description in the Kazaa details it says that the resolution is 640 x 352 and the size is 715,860kb.

    I found this info on the details men_in_black_ii_(2002).postx.sharereactor

    Obviously I found out that I can only play it on a DivX player for the purposes of looking at it on my PC

    Help appreciated!

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    can someone explain how to check if a film is 'verified'....sorry i am new to this

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    Originally posted by sumoquirkey@21 April 2003 - 10:34
    can someone explain how to check if a film is 'verified'....sorry i am new to this
    in the verifieds

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    I posted above and although I am new to this too it has been explained to me that the verified films are the ones that people have checked and they are what they say they are ie the right file with the right name.
    on top of this forum there is a verified section you can search through to find a verified film that you want and when you click on the link it starts the download for example in Kazaa

    Hope this helps maybe we can learn together

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    thanks ultimate for that.....can you explain hashes while you are there ...cheers

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    Not sure if I can do that you may well have to ask Brokster. I think the hash is the exact link that will give youteh facility to download te film if youhave the sig2dat thingymajig!!!! Basically as far as I understand it if you download Kazaa or Kazaa lite like I have done (there are some others) you get the Sig 2 thing and teh hashes are almost like address that the film is listed on.


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