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Thread: Folder Guard Professional

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    Hi everyone I have a problem with Folder Guard Pro v7.5. I used a registration code from Blizzard and the program installed fine. But it keeps on saying the
    program is unregistered. I heard that Folder Guard has blacklisted registration codes. I tried blocking Folder Guard's access to the internet using ZoneAlarm and reinstalling using a different name/registration but it doesnt do anything. Can someone please direct me to a crack or a version of Folder Guard that does not blacklist certain registration keys. Thanks!
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    You could always use a different program that "guards" folders? There are probably a few dozen, probably free ones too.

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    Cracks and serials huh?

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    Lockey, lockey.

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    Try some other program to hide your pornagraphic videos, images, sounds (yes, just plain .wavs and .mp3s with moaning), games, icons, etc.

    well, whatever your trying to hide that is.

    Try an older version. They obviously all hide files. There are mostly security updates for new versions to block pirates. emule is your friend here.


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