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Thread: The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

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    ok, ok so its not even out yet, 12 days from today to be in fact. but the trailer looks pretty kool and AND, hillary duff's staring in it... estimating a really slow download, it'll take me around 12 days to get it. so if anyone has the movie now and is willing to upload, i'll be just in time for the release

    o btw, kAb, she's around my age too so back off

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    just be paitnet.. 12 days is too early

    just out of curiousity.. do you find hillary duff hot?

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    Originally posted by mr_tiki@21 April 2003 - 03:37
    just be paitnet.. 12 days is too early

    just out of curiousity.. do you find hillary duff hot?

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    I DO!!!! I WATCH THAT SHOW EVERY DAY i got a exuse im 14

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    do you find hillary duff hot
    lol! yea! of course
    and i got a better excuse, i'm 15

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    lol she is hot but u guys r killin it i mean its not like ur ever gonna fuck her unless u rape her

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    ok ppl, back to the orginal topic at hand....
    btw, tiba06, one of the songs on the soundtrack for the movie is "what dreams are made of"

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    ok, reviving an old post. now that it's out, does any1 have the hashes?

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    Probably not the greatest quality right now. Why don't you just go to the movies, it's better than watching it at home.

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    if only i could see it at movies. me and my parents have this thing, like an unspoken thing about certain stuff...and its not as easy as u think. watching it on computer is much more for lack of a better word, stealthy than getting out of the house for 3hrs...

    its complicated...


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