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Thread: Some XBOX Dash Questions

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    Installed Evox and XBMC now also...

    1. In XBMC is there any way to autoload avi files as when I setup auto load avi dont for some reason.

    2. What do I need to put bkup games on the drive and how do I get avi files there.

    3. Is there any reson not to run XBMC as the dash and if so how or a tut link.

    4. Alternativly maybe something so XBMC is in the main menu.

    5. How do you get from itools back to the dash.

    6. Whats are good app for PS and GBA and Nintendo if any are yet that also.
    I currently use ePSXe on my pc and wondering if I can use that and how.

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    What's weird is I have XMBC and Avalaunch but Avalaunch is my dash.

    Under Applications I use the DVD2Xbox program to rip games.
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    i use XBMC as my main dash. I upload avi's, games and whatever else via FTP -- if you're using evox, you can set this up easily... look around xbox scene

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    Look it`s good page for this topic


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