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Thread: Boot.ini I Messed Up My Com Again!

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    arg.... i messed up my computer again... i used a program to edit my boot up screen.... and now it wont load into windows.....

    Windows Xp pro...

    it runs throught the boot up screen so theirs no problem there but then i get nothing after that... a blank screen.... how do i fix my boot.ini....

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    Did you try 'Safe mode?'

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    yea, the safe load wouldnt load... it went up to a file and then stopped... i waited 3minutes and nothing... usually it should load right? maybe i should try till ten minutes... i tried the original one till ten minutes...

    i can get into command prompt w/ boot up disks tho

    how do i reedit it from there?

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    The same thing happend to me and I had to reinstall windows. A real pain in the ass, but it worked.

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    The boot.ini is on the root of drive C:

    You can edit it from prompt (console)

    C:>edit boot.ini

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    the boot.ini is sytem,hidden and read only file so to edit it you have to change its attributes first

    attrib -s -h -r boot.ini

    that should do it.


    edit boot.ini

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    sigh i reformatted my computer since i wanted it fixed yesterday... i tried repairing the boot / auto recover but it didnt work... ended up taking apart computers and saving everything i needed into my mothers hard drive again... got a hell lot of yelling....

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    If you make a disk following the instructions below, when you system is working properly, and store it safe, if in the future you have a bootup problem similar to the one mentioned this will boot your computer into windows and allow you to sort out the problem. Just copy the damaged file ie: BOOT.ini into the root directory and your problems are solved.

    Creating a Windows XP Boot Disk

    1. Put a blank floppy disk into your floppy drive.

    2. Select Start > My computer

    3. right click on the A drive and select format. Accept all of the default options and
    click the Start button.

    4. you will see a dialogue box warning you that all of the data will be lost, click the OK button.

    5. When you see the Format Complete dialogue box, click the OK button and click the Close button to close the dialogue box.

    6. Select Start > Run and type CMD into the box.

    7. In the Command Prompt dialogue box, make sure the prompt is in the root of the C drive ( C:\>) if not type CD C:\ type in ATTRIB and press enter. You will see all the at the root of the C: drive. Note the file attributes of of the NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and BOOT.INI files.

    8. Type ATTRIB NTLDR -S -H -R and press enter.

    9. Type COPY NTLDR A: and press enter.

    10 Type ATTRIB NTLDR +S +H +R and press enter.

    11. Repeat steps 8 through 10 for the NTDETECT.COM and BOOT.INI files, to remove the file attributes, copy the file and replace the file attributes. If you have a SCSI ADAPTOR with BIOS disabled, you will also need to copy the NTBOOTDD.SYS file.

    12. Verify that all of the files are on the boot disk by typing DIR A:

    13. Type EXIT to close the Command Prompt dialogue box.

    14. To test your Windows XP boot disk, select Start > Shut Down > Restart and click the OK button, making sure that the BIOS is set to boot from Floppy.

    15. Label your Windows XP boot disk and put it in a safe place.

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    what processor do u have cuz I had the same problem
    what I did was when I put in my WindowsXP cd
    when my Pentium 4 logo diplayed I pressed F8 and set my CD Rom as the first thing to boot
    Luckily I was able to go into my CD and format my Hard Drive

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    just curious, what were u using edit the boot screen?

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