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Thread: Good Hip-hop Or R&b Songs

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    Hey there peoples,

    I would like to ask for some help, I'm interested in hearing some different music
    from my normal listenings, cause as they say "its all good," lol yeah i know, lame!

    Anyway I dont like hearing all the hardcore hiphop or r&b songs, cause well i dont.
    If you guyz can post some decent artists with nice beats, background sounds, harmonies/melodies,
    it would really be appreciated

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    Listen to Slipknot.
    They are the best
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    TOo bad I have and well some of their stuff is good, but yeah other stuff is a little pointless, just
    a reason to scream.

    There's plent o' good metal but that was not my request, thnx anyway.

    NOW PPL PLZ POST, I feel like an unwanted orphan or perhaps rejected fat kid!

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    damn...i not into that sort of music , but once i've heard Graig David and that was ok...

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    U should get ne of 112's albums and mayb Jaheim- Still Ghetto


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