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    I tried to download a movie from the verifieds and after clicking on the link it didn't automatically start a download. I tried others too tonight & it won't work. It says that it is creating a file in my shared documents, but I don't find anything there either..I have never had this happen before. Got any ideas?

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    Clicking on a verified link does not start the download. It merely tells Kazaa you want a particular file. The download will start when kazaa finds the file you've requested on a supernode. The "Shared Document" folder is not the same as the "My Shared Folder" in kazaa. The FAQ link above can clarify these things.

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    I guess I didn't explain this correctly...let me try again.
    In the past (I had to reload kazaalite the other night) before I reloaded kazaa, when I went to the verifieds and clicked on a link, it sent the request and added it to my downloading traffic list. I have done this in the past, no problems... Now, for some reason, I get this message when I click on a link :
    Successfully Created File: file c/my music kazaadownload-(name of movie) OK This did not happen before..
    Thanks for your reply, Darth ....I'll also check FAQ

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    If it's a .dat then try moving it to one of your shared folders and see if it shows up in your traffic window. That's kind of odd though...


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