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Thread: telewest + router

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    hello, i recently purchased a belkin wireless router all is good appart from when i leech from an ftp the connection goes to max when leeching then it will drop to 0 for a few secs then go back up anyone got any ideas the computer that drops the connection is the one connected wirelessly the hard wired computer is fine, is there any settings i can tweek such as the ip if its dynamic or static

    thanks in advance

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    Oct 2005
    good thing you used a comma after "hello"

    Aside from that, tell us more about your router and your comp specs, such as is your belkin router G, B or even A?
    Biostar XE T5
    i5-750 @ 4.0 GHZ stable (CM Hyper 212)
    2 x 2GB Cosair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ
    Radeon 5850 @ 866/1254MHZ
    Intel X25-M in RAID 0
    WD Caviar Black 2TB in RAID 0
    3 x Asus 25.5" VW266H LCD [Eyefinity]

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    My first wireless card war Belkin.
    So was my second.
    My third wasn't, though, because having two different models suddenly not find a network (when my PDA said the signal was excellent) a fortnight after each installation warned me off them for life.

    As for your problem, I'd suggest phoning their helpline (I think it's free) and see if they can suggest anything other than turning off your microwave, mobile phone, cordless phone, cordless headphones or computer, as they did to me.


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