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Thread: Sony MiniDV digi Handy Cam drivers?

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    wes himself
    says if i had a win xp pro disc i could pop it in and it would work but seein as im using home on my pc at then i dont got it anyone know where i can find this driver? the weird thing is i jus got this computer its a HP Media Center PC the Pavilion a1250n and it doesnt even find this driver... btu my old ass Emachine would let me use it...

    but i did jus found out its kinda useless to need the cord to camera unless i can use it as a webcam which if i can i didnt know... but my new compy has the memory stick slots built in :-)

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    sony digicams have a setting to enable usb. Try turning usb on and then connect the camera and turn it on. Windows should recognize it. Didn't it come with the usb drivers on a cd?


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