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Thread: My MP3 player

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    When trying to move music onto my MP3 player, I keep getting a message telling me that the directory or file can not be created. However it does not do this for all the files, I did manage to fill about 60% of it with music, but it is rejecting alot of the files. I have no idea what is going wrong here, it is the first time I have come across this problem in all 3 of my MP3 players.

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    Do we have to guess what type player?

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    Yea, I thought it would be a fun little game. But for those that want to spoil the fun and cheat, here is the answer;

    Spoiler: Show

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    that game sucked.

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    Spoil sport

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    is it the type of media that your putting into it? Some files are named .mp3 when they are really wmv check that out
    and yeah that game sucked


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