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Thread: Ares 1.89 3002 is great ! (new feature)

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    Hi guys

    If you are or were a fan of Ares, then you will love the latest version.

    Not only does Ares connect first time every time for me now

    But it also shows the version number on the Blue Status line !

    But a new feature that I find very handy is how it shows the number of users in the users column. It sounds only small but I find it very helpful in choosing which files to click on to download or pause etc. I am on 56K dial up and usually have about 20 files in my queue and I download between 6 and 8 files at once, as with all p2p's the d/l speeds go up and down with traffic etc. Being able to see how many users each file has at the moment on one screen is very helpful.

    Kind Regards

    Ares fan

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    cool, gonna download now
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    I noticed this myself and it's a nice touch.

    Slightly off topic. I'm fromScotland so i dunno what the situation is in NZ but here 256kb [and even sometimes 512kb] broadband is cheaper than dial up. If you haven't already, why dont you look around various ISPs that offer broadband for less than what your currently paying for 56k.

    Just a thought

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    Absolutely true. Ares is FANTASTIC. And the speed is awesome too.


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