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Thread: Call of Duty 2, Tech problem.

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    Recently I aquired and installed Call Of Duty 2,
    I played the entire game without any problems... but yesterday,
    I installed the software for my Video Card and since then, the game
    started to do wierd things, like:
    -the intro (logo video clip) wont apear, just audio and black screen.
    -when I get shot and the 'red cloud of blood' is suposed to apear, the screen blinks.
    -when I die, instead of the blurry screen, the screen is full of big pixels.
    -and the when I shot a gun, the sound isn't right anymore.

    do you have any idea what could be the problem?

    *my Vid Card: ATI 9600 128MB (AllInWonder Series)

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    I would definately try reinstalling the driver, and make sure that you have the latest available.


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