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Thread: Dell Bundling Firefox with Computers

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    [news=]Early last year HP announced that it would be bundling the Netscape browser with its lineup of desktop and laptop computers. Now according to, Dell UK is doing the same thing. Except Dell has chosen to bundle the popular open source browser Firefox with its computers.

    With Dell being one of world’s largest computer manufacturers, this move can only help to increase the already increasing market share of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. At the same time, this move puts more pressure on Microsoft to release a more secure/feature packed browser (Internet Explorer 7). Dell is almost as well know for making PCs as it is for sticking, with dog-like-loyalty, to Microsoft. Whilst Dell had billed the move as a 'test', it remains to be seen how it will affect the relationship between the two companies in the future.

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    good for mozilla

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    They've been doing this since mid-November, possibly earlier, so it is hardly breaking news.

    However, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I went to help someone connect up their new Dell and found it had Firefox installed.
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