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Thread: Request: 1984,the Movie

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    Hey.... i've been searching for 1984:the movie for about half a year now but can never find it . Is there anyone out there who has it? I have a few things I could trade.

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    Probably can't find it because it's a very horrid film. Better off to read the book.

    things are quiet until hitler decides he'd like to invade russia
    so, he does
    the russians are like "OMG WTF D00DZ, STOP TKING"
    and the germans are still like "omg ph34r n00bz"
    the russians fall back, all the way to moscow
    and then they all begin h4xing, which brings on the russian winter
    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    i downloaded it of kazaa not to long ago it was about a 400mb vcr-rip, didnt keep it cause it was not great quality but just so you know its out there


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