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Thread: Grokster Launches Fear Campaign

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    [news=]Suddenly it's become taboo to head over to In a transparent attempt to scare potential P2P users, has reinforced its anti-P2P sentiment. The visitor's IP address is clearly displayed in large font, while asserting the user's IP address has been "logged."

    "YOUR IP ADDRESS IS 12.345.67.890 AND HAS BEEN LOGGED. Don't think you can't get caught. You are not anonymous."

    The term "IP address" has been closely associated with the RIAA and MPAA lawsuit campaign against alleged P2P pirates. Since there is some degree of anonymity while online, these trade organizations must file lawsuits against an IP address instead of named individuals. In these "John Doe" lawsuits, the individual is not identified until the ISP is subpoenaed. The IP address, or Internet Protocol, is the unique numerical identifier assigned to each computer connected to the Internet.

    Knowing the protective nature some people take of their IP address, whoever in control of the homepage has taken an extra step in an attempt to raise fear. By displaying the individual's IP address and logging the individual's visit, Grokster (or whoever) is making an attempt to convey the simplicity of obtaining one's identity online.

    The effort is incredibly weak, much like Sharman's attempt to dissuade Australian users, as it's little more than some JavaScript code that can be implemented into any web site. Dozens of scripts, even those usable by forum users, can easily display an individualís IP address.

    Additionally, the final words "Don't think you can't get caught. You are not anonymous," appear. With Grokster's assets sold to MashBoxx, perhaps the only people this quasi-daunting effort will scare off are those looking for legal alternatives.


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    Grokster sucks anyways..


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