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    I have an error when trying to watch a movie from kazaa.......i get error Audio data :Tag 8192...anyone know how to get the sound using Audigy player,with inspire 5.1 digital 5700
    thanks in advance for any help

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    It may be that the sound is in AC3. In this case you need to download the codecs. Try playing it in many different media players. THE BEST FOR COMPATIBILITY WITH CODECS IS WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER. Also get KL codec if you havnt already. Search for more audio codecs on googel and yahoo. Hope you can fix it...

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    i had the same problem with xmen so goto and d/l the nimo codec pack
    when installing open all the (+)boxes and uncheck them all except AC3
    also get gspot from digest it scans a movie and tells you which codecs you need


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