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Thread: Finally found NeoLogix Pro 2!!!

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    After hours upon hours, I have finally found the program I have been searching for, for 2 weeks!!! The first test was done by downloading some songs!!!! I was absolutely impressed! The speed is infact faster than anyother client that I have used. It jumped off on one song @ 70kb/s and rose to 300kb/s!!!!! This program is amazing, considering it leeches off of every single gnutella network out there. I guess thats why it is so fast. It doesnt use just one single network it uses all of them. You cant trade files in the chat but you can chat!! It also supports Magnet URI links too!!! Go ahead and drop Limewire Pro, because NeoLogix Pro 2 eats it and craps kazaa!!! They also have a webbrowser that talks, they say on the site that it is the fastest too. The website is-

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    hmm sounds interesting ill give it a try once theres more feedback.

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    I would download this client but something that is made from DiYP2P isnt really worth my time. Gnucleus hasn't really moved much in the last months. Also, I would love to download this and not think that you are promoting your own product but I can't do that either. If you would just say try this it would be cool but instead you tried to get others to search for this program. You may say you have been searching for this for awhile but then why is your S/n the same as part of a link that you click to download Neo whatever goes to!

    real link, don't click!


    Good luck.


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