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Thread: Dvd Menu Creation (dvd autoriting)

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    I currently use Dvd Workshop 2 by ulead to author my dvds (make menus and such)

    I wanted to know what you guys prefer to use and why.

    I sum Dvd Workshop 2 up with these main points


    *create menu picture in photoshop and just copy it (psd) over.

    *Use layers as links within the dvd

    *Easy to add music

    *Use movies in menu screen

    *Easy to link pages together


    *Music doesn't continue when switching pages

    *Have to use photoimpact to make custom buttons (home,start,etc. with transparacies)

    *Text effects are not too great
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    I use DVDLab Pro.

    It's the only program I've actually used for making DVD Menus and it's my favorite.


    *allows you to use a video for your menu's background

    *very nice navigation customization.

    *A lot of button and text customization (opacity, color overlay...the goods)

    *Easy to add music to a menu

    *A lot of extra tools included...such as audio converters and such


    *Not free software (that's where emule comes in)

    *GUI is a kinda bland, but that's not a problem for me since I run xp with the classic windows interface.

    Not sure if the program has this or not, but I don't think it has menu transitions that occur when swapping to different menus or playing a video. I notice a neat transition on most professional DVDs...such as a flash, fade, or swipe. It just helps make your film look more professional.

    Another thing, I'm not sure if it allows you to generate an animated scene selection. This is normally a very nice addition for a movie, but takes up extra space.


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