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Thread: vBulletin hack to make the form <Submit an NBZ>

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    I really like the form <Submit an NBZ> in this forum. Anybody here has this hack/plugin ? It is different from the form <New Topic>, which has only "Title" and "message".

    The plugin Imageshack Image Hosting is also nice.

    I need it for my music forum.
    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    The NZB plugin has taken allot of time to build and was thought of mostly by myself and rossco with others providing some great input. The posting styles of some members prior to the plugin was the foundation of what the plugin does now. In fact its still a work in progress even now as theres still a few more things that would make it better although these things time. All the coding on this has been done by rossco who has made it possible and done great with it. I think its now one of things that sets our forum apart from others.

    As for the ImageShack hack its a rather common one if Im not mistaken. Im sure it could be rather easy to find and as I recall you can get information on it on their site...
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    I found the ImageShack modification here:

    and installed successfully to my forum.

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    You wont find that NZB Posting Script.
    Reality and I made it and, at the moment at least, have no intention of releasing for use outside of this forum.

    The imageshack mod was just an IPB mod found by a member on this forum that I made to work on VB, i'm sure you can find it somewhere yourself.

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    Hic, the NZB Posting Script is not easy for me now. I will try to make it in on holiday.


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