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Thread: P2P is bad, mmmmk?

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    I just can't fucking believe some of the shit I read...
    saw this looking for some info for someone having router problems...

    I want to be able to use winmx but my router wont let the tcp to get acces to my pc. i can get into the administration part of my router but i cant figure out how to open ports on it to allow me to use winmx. please help
    Reply from administration:
    Sorry, but P2P support is against the policy of this board. From the rules:

    P2P Instructions: The main purpose of P2P is to illegally obtain and provide copyrighted material. For this reason Tech Support Forum does not support P2P software. This includes Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.

    Thread closed.

    I felt like registering in that forum just to tell em to fuck off
    figured it would be a waste of time
    they're either too scared or too hard headed or too stupid to see the legitimate uses of P2P

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    Heh, Screw those n00bs... FST ftw

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    Crazy people!

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    P2P has tons of legal stuff on it, because a lot of it doesn't have a copyright. Unfortunately the good stuff always seems to have some kind of copyright.

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    Discussing other boards discussing not to discuss the discussion of P2P is not allowed.

    Thread Closed.

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    Intellectual Property Rights are retarded. Hey I thought up words and sound waves in a certain order and I own them...but for a nominal fee I'll gladly recite them to you...

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    by telling the person how to open their ports... its not supporting P2P. Hell, some games need port forwarding.. So giving help shouldnt be a big deal. Then of course, P2P isnt illegal. Theres tons of legal free stuff (freeware, shareware etc etc). Linux even takes advantage of P2P and thats a free OS right there.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    The main problem with P2P is that prolly 95% of the people who use it, use it for illegal reasons. I see no use in Bittorent to dl a game trailer where I can just dl it from a ftp or http in most cases faster.

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    EVERYONE uses it to download stuff that they don't have copyrights for.. Included me

    BTW: Gam3Guy, could you give us the address of those frp or http sites?


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