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Thread: Trying to take a SWF file from a website and edit it Any software help or help?

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    watch the intro if you have a little time and get to the end where it says welcome to Silent Hill on a sign and its snowing and theres sound of snow falling i just want that sign with all the snow falling and the sound of the snow falling. Is there anyway i can do that? another prob i have just run into. When i try to save the SWF the only part it saves with the flash in where it does the count up with the girl with the flashlight and the prob is i want the end where the main menu is. If anyone has free time can you go over and look and see what im talking about and see if the menu with the snow falling with the sign and the sound of the snow is a SWF and i can turn that into a screensaver And another thing i have notice is this.....when i open the silenthill.swf it plays the movie but it ends at the screen where the menu is. The snow is falling but there is no sign and there is no sound of the snow....what does that mean? Im using demos of the the tools and i would like to know where i can get some real tools or if anything if someone knows of some tools i can have that would be great

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    anyone have any knowledge on this subject know of tools of the trade of this?

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    aite , search google for flash decompilers , then view the source of the page with the swf embedded and download it , and run it in the decompiler you download and it should output a fla file. You can PM me if you want anymore help

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    Does the grabbing and decompiling.


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    allright ill give that a try

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    allright so i used the tools that you guys gave me links to and this is the prob so far......the intro movie saves but the prob is this. I want the part where the main menu is with the sound of the snow and the snow falling on the sign. When i save it with SOthink and try to watch it it does the movie but it ends right where the menu should be with the snow and sound of the snow and the sign. So can someone tell me what type of file that is?


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