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Thread: Wireless PC to TV...Any ideas?

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    I just set my PC up with a wireless router and it seems to work quite well. I would now like to set it up so I can watch my movies through my pc on my tv wirelessly as well.

    I know it is possible and have found 1 product, but it received bad reviews.

    I am using the linksys wireless g router with srx and was hoping that something is available that can just be attached to the tv and sent through the router.

    I am also using the dualphone for skype if that matters.

    Thanks for any ideas

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    Ive looked at a few of this and yet to find one that is up to par. Some have what seems almost deliberate limitations like no mp3 above 128 bits. Some are just poorly thought out such as not showing files by folder so you get one big list of files which is messy for music. It seems thers also hardware limitations maybe not being able to send hq dvd well. Also format types seem that some can play this and some that and others not.

    If you find something that intersting post a link. Im starting to think haing a second pc on an SVideo cale to the TV may be better with an external usb drive may be the way to go for now. Seems some of these products may bet getting closer perhaps...

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    Thanks for your reply.... I am not sure what you mean about the mp3 bitrate and folder views though. All I want to do is send the video (and possibly the audio) signal from my pc to my tv without wires.

    I currently do this with video, but use an adapter which means my pc has to be within a few feet of my tv because of the length of the cable. I am sure I can get an extension for the cable but I am in a new house and need a different setup. I am also hoping to get rid of any wires dragging across floors or across cielings.

    I am sure I may lose some video quality, but hopefully not too much
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    a much cleaner solution, i reckon, than a video signal sender... since it streams the digital file from a PC to the D-Link device, and then decodes it and displays it on the TV. quality should be the same as if the PC were wired directly to the TV.

    AVI compatibility is prolly approximately the same as the Philips DVP-642 mpeg-4 dvd player. meaning it will play most AVI files, but files that are encoded with advanced options like "qpel" and "gmc" can't be played.

    a review: http://mediaproductreview.blogspot.c...ent-media.html

    sounds like D-Link's included PC software is not up to par, though, and it's preferable to get hold of the latest version of the TwonkyVision media server program.

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    Buy a cheap Xbox, mod it, install Xbox Media Centre and do something like this:

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    >All I want to do is send the video (and possibly the audio) signal from my pc to my tv without wires.

    There are loads of video senders on the market. Just put "video sender" into froogle.

    I used to have a cheap illegal one that transmitted on normal TV frequencys. It didn't require a receiver, you just tuned the TV to it's frequency. The legal 2.4GHz units were about five times the price. I rarely used it so I gave it to a friend to use on his model helicopter.
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    Thanks guys

    I'll start looking into this now.
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    Thanks again for your ideas

    I settled on the following option-

    I should get it in a week or so, but after reading the reviews on the rf type, I decided this would be better in the long run. It doesn't do HD, but I don't have any of it anyway.

    I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

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    A friend of mine has a 1st generation Dlink like you are buying. It works fine except lately he's been having problems playing Xvid encoded videos.
    It does choke on full length DVDs and you should also encode your Mp3s at less than 256kbps to avoid this.

    I'm curious to see how your experience is as, cause I'm considering buying a similar Dlink model that also plays DVDs.

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    That's good to hear. I was also looking at another model (The D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320RD) that has the built in dvd player but decided on this because I already have 2 dvd players and it was cheaper

    I'll let you know how it goes, I can't wait.
    Peace of mind Findnot

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