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Thread: Splinter Cell

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    where can I find a splinter cell walk trough???

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    When the Colonel comes by, grab him. Drag him
    over to the retinal scanner near the other gate. Knock him out and hide his
    body under the steps.

    Head through the door and put your back to the wall. Follow it to the left to
    see a camera above the door. When it turns, lean out and shoot it. If you
    failed to hide the bodies well enough, here is where you will find out.
    Anyway, equip the laser mic and head out the door. Run to the right side of
    the bushes and stop at the first corner. Crouch down and laser mic the
    conversation. When it ends, immediately run towards the building opposite the
    one you exited. Climb up the grating on the building and into the open window

    but when I go treu the door an alarm goes of what should I to do??


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