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Thread: Mount a tdf file?

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    How do you mount a tdf? If I double-click on it, WinXP doesn't know what to do.

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    Thanks for replying, Virtualbody1234, I appreciate you're willingness to help!
    But that didn't really direct me much. I did already Google the term. There are lots of programs that use/generate a tdf file, but i can't see how to mount a *.tdf file.

    Maybe I should re-word my question: In the context of this file-sharing forum, has anyone come across a tdf file that needed to be mounted, and if so, what did you use to mount it?

    Also, i do not want to create a tdf file, I want to mount it. I understand what the word "mount" means in Linux context, as in "mount a drive", but I have not seen that word used with respect to "mount the .tdf file" until today.

    Thanks again for any replies!

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    I've never come across that file, and none of my programs can mount it.

    Here is what I found in the first link on vb1234's search:
    TDF is the file extension for the Typeface definition file associated with Speedo. It is also the file extension for the TheDraw font file.
    I haven't been able to find speedo on the net...

    Where did you get this file and what is it?


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