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Thread: Want To Know What A Tune Is?

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    I don't know if this is old news 4 you guys, but if you want to know the artist & title of a song on the radio, dial 8520 on your mobile, point it @ yer speakers, & you will recieve a text telling you
    It's called Shazam, & it costs 50p a go, & only works in UK (I think).
    Before the sarcastic comments & flaming starts, this is not , I have nothing to do with Shazam, I'm just passing on something I feel could be a useful tool.
    Let the flaming commence

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    Good money spinner if you ask me!

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    i saw this the other day somewhere.
    the size of the database is pretty small, i bet it can't identify all songs.
    still, probably good for a lot of mainstream ones, and a good idea.
    it might catch on, who knows

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    I think this for US only but check this site out:

    Select City, then station, and you can see any songs.

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    Well if its on a Radio station in the US more then likely it is from Clear Channel Communications which owns 1200 stations and has more than 110 million listeners every week.Same ohhh same ohh everyday from them.

    I hate the Radio Station now.When I was growing up and being a kid I use to love it but now it's just crap.


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