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Thread: Most Users Downloaded From?

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    How many users have u downloaded from for 1 file on kazaa?
    Ive just have 20 and i think that really good B)

    Can any1 beat me?

    Here is a print screen so u all kno im not lying my ass off

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    I hit 15 before, but soz no, I got no visual proof. Your download rate will always hit a standard, constant limit anyways, no matter how many users you download from. A user with good bandwidth = 5kb/sec; 10 Users with good bandwidth = 5kb/sec, although sometimes with lotsa users you get some short and brief 30kb++/sec speeds.

    Other than that, there's nothing much to laugh about.

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    i had 22 when getting a 50 cent track. no proof, i'll try getting it again

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    no point d/l from that many sources if u can get it just as fast from 2 or 3......its just gonna lead to files gettin corrupted, unless its just music ur leechin i get up to 100kb/s from a few users so its all good, dont need a lot of sources tbh

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    I managed 33 once

    It will never happen again but lol it didnt make much difference! I prefere getting it off one user who gives it me at around 122kbs

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    A lot of music that alot of people loves or is a hit around the world and you download that and you will have many people to download from.

    I just like it when I can download at my normal speed. But sometimes the file is rare and I will get a crappy speed like 10 Kb/s

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    I had about 25 users once.

    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to there level and beat you with experience!!

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    25 user once aprox. 120 kbs but the best I had was 2 users at 150kbs for around 2hrs.Every once in awhile I'll get a 240kbs blip to bad it didn't stay there steady..

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    Ive had 20 + users all day to get Band of Brothers episode 2. I can't seem to get over 30 kbs however Sry no screen shot to lazy. Using the tips listed in the tip forum works though. Using Auto search more and the search for more sources.

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