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Thread: Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Splinter Cell No Cd

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    need the no cd crack for splinter cell tried downloading loads of kazza but all seem to be viruses so can someone point me in right direction

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    Jsut type in Serials and cracks in Google, ull find good sites. U can also go to (i think thats the site)

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    when you have the 3bin files on the 3cd is the nocd crack+when you start the game put cd3 in trhe cd-rom drive (cd3=game cd)
    the things from gamecopyworld don't work

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    I've tryed that with the 3rd cd and still asks for the game cd?

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    FvKin GeniuS :D
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    1,659 dats where i always go for my no cd cracks and latest game news B)
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    Try if you cant find it from that site ur pretty dumb or you can try . but remember ur not supposed to NO-CD games... even though almost all mine r.......
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    49 they should have it..

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    try running the game from the cracked .exe in the cd3 for me (ie...put in cd 3 and go to crack folder and double click on the .exe)

    (thats assuming u have a downloaded FLT version)

    pls tell me how you get on wif it


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