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Thread: My computer slows when I use p2p's

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    Hi Guys

    I have a failry powerful computer and used to be able to do work in Windows Explorer whilst downloading files from say Ares or Limewire.

    But lalety I find that Explorer goes so slow that it takes about 30 seconds to rename a file ! And it often comes up with the torch trying to find the files in a folder !

    It seems to be random as sometimes my Explorer goes at normal speeds whilst downloading.

    Any ideas ?

    I use virus checkers and anti-spywares etc. In ME I used to be able to check my system resources but can't find out how to do this in XP.

    Also I often read in forums from users who say they do not like such and such program because it hogs their resources. How do they know how much resources a program takes up ?



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    Alt, ctrl and delete > click processes tab to find out how much resources your programs are using.

    As you say, it could be that one of your applications is in fact using up a large proportion of your ram. Lately, I'm finding that Firefox 1.5 is hogging a shitload of mine if I've had it open for a while
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    You may want to also defragment your hardrive and remove any junk files.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for that.

    Sill me I used Ctrl Alt Del for years in Dos and ME, but never once in XP till you suggested it. Just what I wanted.


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    Might want to check the P2P client you are using. It may be "Ad Supported" and eating up you bandwidth and/or stealing clock-cycles from your processor.

    In other words, that "free program" displays Ads or Pop-ups and uses your PC's resources(e.g. processor, hardrive) without your knowledge.

    my .02
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    Quote Originally Posted by manker
    Lately, I'm finding that Firefox 1.5 is hogging a shitload of mine if I've had it open for a while
    I've been having this problem latley with firefox. I'm led to believe it's a problem with firefox not freeing up memory. It sometimes uses up over 3/5's of my ram after a while. The only solution i've found so far it to re-start firefox every so often

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    I 2nd the suggestion to defrag.

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    Thanks guys.

    I have nto had the propblem for a week now. But when it comes up I will be able to use Ctrl Alt Del to see what process is using up all my rescources.

    I defrag once a month.

    Thanks guys

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    im guessing its limewire it really chews through my ram when left running for too long.

    feckin java


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