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Thread: Help please ...downloads have stopped

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    HI just trying to help me sister out on this one but cant figure it out so thougth id run it past all you to see if anyone can help.

    My sister has been using bitlord for a year or so now , and is connected to the internet by a 4 port router , up untill christmas she was the only one using the router , then her husband was given a pc and a subscription for xbox live , but she only allows 2 pcs or 1 pc and xbox on at any one time . But since plugging in the ethernet cable for either the xbox or pc , she hasnt been able to get any downloads going. She tried downloading azuerus and utorrent and still they wont download . She has mapped out udp and tcp ports and still nothing. She has put in her ip and dns server etc into internet connection also

    if anyone has any suggestons as to what it could be wed really apriciate it

    thankyou in advance

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    Is she getting no connection at all, or is she just not able to download?
    Have you tried power cycling your modem and router?

    Unplug the power cable from your modem for 10 seconds. Replace the plug and allow it to run it's tests. When it's finished unplug the power cable to your router for 30 seconds. Replace the power cable and allow it to run its tests as well.

    If that does not work, most linksys routers (not sure about other routers) have a small reset button located on the front that is accessable via use of a paper clip.
    Hold that button in for 20 seconds to wipe the router settings back to factory installation. Then in your TCP/IP settings, allow your computer to asign an IP automatically, rather than attempting to set a static IP for the moment.
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    thankyou mate will pass that on


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