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Thread: What's the story on the Spamalot CAM??

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    I came across a partial CAM of Eric Idle's "Spamalot" (musical based on Monty Python's Holy Grail)

    ed2k://|file|Spamalot Obc 03.01.05.wmv|128166912|BD57292D5D720D4876DA125DECC04A61|/

    It's a broken wmv 45 mins of something that should be 2 hours and 20m. The first 15 minutes are fades and pan/scan of the friggin playbill. (could have done without that!)

    Thing is, no one seems to know anything about it! Anyone seen it complete?

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    CAM releases are normally .mpg files

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    Chances are it's a shyte re-encoded version. 45minutes and only 128mb sounds like osme shit that TMD use to do for Kazaa.

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    It's a vid cap of a live musical... why its in WMV I'll never know. It's actually pretty good quality all things considered.

    LOL I remember TMD - watched about 3 minutes of his Extraordinary Gentlemen release before trashing it. It was like watching a movie through someonez arse


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