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Thread: Emule Help Please Guys!!!

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    Basically I have been trying in vain to download videos for absolutely ages. I click a link and the file comes up in the download screen in emule but just says 'waiting' literally all the time! Ive opened the ports and I have 2green arrows around the globe at the bottom of the screen (which Im told is a good thing?) but still nothing! Can anybody tell me wahat the f*ck im doing wrong? My settings are below...
    eD2K Network
    Status: Connected
    ID: 397801927
    High ID

    eD2K Server
    Name: xNxx^2
    Version: 17.6 (lugdunum)
    Users: 407,489
    Files: 2,825,056

    Kad Network
    Status: Open
    ID: 1451541001
    Buddy: None

    Web Interface
    Status: Disabled

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    It seems fine to me although dont use eMule much.
    Some may want to know what version you have...

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    Thats the thing with emule, it does take ages for anything much to happen

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    Cheers guys, Im having no luck with it whatsoever, and like u say, it seems to take absolutely ages for anything to happen!
    I cant understand why so many people swear by the thing though?

    Im thinking ..
    'Web Interface
    Status: Disabled'

    Dya reckon that has anything to do with why I seem unable to download anything??

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    u may want to try the following : set the files u want to ps release : this means powershare release , that way if u have already some chunks of those files other ppl who want the same file will be able to dl those chunks off u quicker , that then means u will get credits for uling to those ppl which then means u will move ahead in their queue , u get my drift ? the more u ul the faster u get to those dl slots from ohter ppl.

    also if u are trying to dl 200 files at once and if those are all films they will take forever which means u only want to dl maybe max 20 files at any given time , also if u have a load of files your sharing then take them out off your share till those vids are done cause see above the queue and credit thingy i mentioned

    edit : and no the web interface does not have anything to do with dling oh and as a tip only ul with about 75% of your max speed cause othewise dl speed will be affected
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