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Thread: Bad 3Dmark 2003 scores?

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    I'm been benching my system over the past week.

    I scored 19000-20000 in 3Dmark 2001SE and 5000-5500 in 3Dmark 05. I checked online and these scores are normal for my system.

    Somehow, when I run 3Dmark03 I only get around 6000-7000 points, which is about 3000-4000 points lower than what I should be getting. I've tried different video card/cpu speeds and many times, but I just end up with only around 7000 max.

    What might be causing this problem?
    Biostar XE T5
    i5-750 @ 4.0 GHZ stable (CM Hyper 212)
    2 x 2GB Cosair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ
    Radeon 5850 @ 866/1254MHZ
    Intel X25-M in RAID 0
    WD Caviar Black 2TB in RAID 0
    3 x Asus 25.5" VW266H LCD [Eyefinity]

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    why u didn't list ur driver versions idk, but possibly an ati driver bug with the version of 3dmark ur using...
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    what are u system specs? make sure all your settings match (aa/af, res)


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