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Thread: Reverend Sun Myung Moon - King Of America?

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    pardon me if you've all heard it before. i must not have been paying attention when this happened...

    ... but, apparently, on 23 March 2004, U.S. Congress hosted an event at the Senate's Dirksen office building in Washington DC, where members of Congress observed and participated in a ceremony which climaxed with the presentation of crowns and robes to Unification Church leader Reverend Moon and his wife?

    video footage of this event was later included in the Unification Church's promotional material (BitTorrent fileshare program is required, to download the video):
    it is a small download, but a relatively long program, so you can go straight to the relevant segment by fast-forwarding your QuickTime player to approximately 0:07:07 (7 minutes 7 seconds). strangely, the event was not widely publicized by the mainstream press or by Congress.

    perhaps my understanding of the U.S. Constitution is simply too laden with liberal interpretations which add things that don't exist in the text, but i sort of reckon there's a constitutional ban against the presentation of regal honors by the U.S. government. private interests establishing & running an unprofitable Washington DC newspaper for the advancement of their political ideas, making campaign contributions, yes fine. but no coronations by Congress! correct? incorrect?

    also: pics! although perhaps less recognizable sans his crown, the Korean man in the photos is Reverend Moon. with President Nixon, influential American television preacher Jerry Falwell, and President & First Lady Bush.

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    Funny. The first protest I ever went to in or around 1975-76 was to protest against the Moonies. Ah, the good ol days.
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