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Thread: adding mulible video files into one

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    Apr 2004
    I am looking for a simple to use application to take several video files i.e. .VOB's, AVI's, Mp4's and so on. and put them together as one big file.

    I’m trying to make mp4 files for a Video iPod from DVD’s but I get stuck trying to make one big mp4 file.

    Title should have been "Adding multiple video files into one"
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    If you're wanting to burn multiple formats then all you can do is create data discs.

    Otherwise, you will have to convert all those files into a common format.

    And, if burning onto DVD for playback on a stand-alone player, you will need "author" the DVD. (assuming you don't have a player that is .avi compatible) can be of some help.

    Many more questions need to be answered before anyone can even suggest how to do this.

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    You what to take a bunch of files with diferent format and make one big file to play in you iPod.
    an I correct?

    I so, I have to agree with 'harrycary', finding an aplication that can actually take all
    those file formats and make them into one big file will be extremelly dificult,
    if not imposible;
    if I were to do that, I would prepare to be very patient,
    then I would convert every single file to .avi(DivX), its simple and fast if your files
    are not too big.
    Then when all this is done, I would use VirtualDub to put all the chinks together, this prosses is also very simple.
    the when it's all done, just convert the resulting file to mp4.


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