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Thread: ZOMG! Bomb defused

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    *This is not related with my other thread about 'I heard something like an explosion'.

    Squad defuses explosive

    BUTTERWORTH (in Malaysia of course), Thursday - The bomb disposal squad was called in to defuse an explosive device which was thrown into the compound of a used car lot in Jalan Kampung Gajah here today.

    Seberang Prai Utara district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said police rushed to the scene on receiving a call from the owner about 9.30am.

    He said the owner reported that a motorcyclist had hurled the object into his compound, alongside the Butterworth Courts Complex.

    Police immediately cordoned off the area and alerted the bomb disposal squad in Penang.

    The incident caused a massive traffic jam until the squad removed the device about 12.20pm.

    Mazlan said police believed the incident could be related to business rivalry.

    Now, I am kinda afraid as such a thing will gonna be happened in this peaceful country.
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    before you know it they'll be littering and spitting in the streets

    keep Malaysia tidy ftw


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