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Thread: divx (avi) to DVDshrink to DVDR

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    what is the best method to make a DVD from a divx avi file?

    Ideally the more divx movies I can fit onto a single DVD the better.

    How many have you ever managed to fit on single DVD?

    If a movie was 700mb how many could i get onto a DVD and the same question for a 1.4gig movie?

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    you can burn .avi movies on a DVD as DATA, but then you can only watch the files on your pc or DVD player that supports MPEG4. (4300:700 = 6 700mb movies on a DVD)

    if you want to watch them on a normal DVD player you need to convert the video files.

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    Nero can take your Divx movies and make them into DVD's with menus
    But unless make nero burn the highest quality possible you will lose a lot of quality.
    This will also increase the size of the files and you may only be able to get 2-3 Divx movies on a 4.7GB DVD
    Like {I}{K}{E} said it is better just to get a DVD player that can play Divx files
    I was able to fit 22 episodes of the show LOST on one 4.7GB DVD as a data disc.
    I just found a Divx compatible DVD player for $56 at Target/Wal-Mart in USA

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    I use WinAvi Converter
    it converts my DivX(orXvid) to DVD, and just as it is, I burn it to a DVD disc
    with CloneDVD.
    But if you wan't to make it a multi feature disc,
    well, I've only done it once, I did the mentioned before stuf, and then
    with DVDLab edited the DVD with two movies and a simple but impresive menu.
    But this took me like four to five hours.

    So I guess that's why I agree with matt,
    when you know the deal with downloading movies oand TV shows,
    a DVD DivX Compatible Player is the best way to go.
    I've used and recomend this one or this .

    matt526, you say you managed to fit 22 eps. of LOST on a DVD-R,
    so I wonder, what was the size of each of those files?
    cus the most episodes I can put on a DVD-R is 12 (350mb eps.)


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