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Thread: need help using newsleecher with cox newsgroup

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    well....I have been using COX cable's newsgroup for quite some time now. I leech with Newsleecher. Recently (the past weak), if the files are more then a day old or so...they will be incomplete. Files that are less then 1 day old usual download fine. Does anyone know what the issue could be? Did COX change its retention? IS anyone else having this issue?

    Thanks for any help...

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    How long does Cox retain newsgroup articles?

    "We currently have over 55,000 newsgroups, and that number grows continually. Cox usually retains articles in text groups much longer that those in binary groups, due to storage requirements. As of June, 2002 retention in binaries groups is at 6 days, and retention in text groups is 30 days. Although retention in binaries groups can vary, depending on the volume of posts in those groups at any given time, Cox is committed to offering excellent retention times and article completeness rates."

    Now with ISP usenet access, you can expect that they are exaggerating by about 4 days, hence the obscure "depending on volume of posts....binary retention vary."
    It doesn't say anything about completion rate, but they also haven't updated their Technical Support FAQ since June of 2002 it seems.

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    *how to find out your news-server retention*
    (make sure you setup and connect to newsleecher first..before reading this)

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    Thank you for the feedback.

    The COX servers retention rates have always been around 2-3 days. But, now I am not even getting that. Could this problem possibly be caused by Newsleecher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krok
    Thank you for the feedback.

    The COX servers retention rates have always been around 2-3 days. But, now I am not even getting that. Could this problem possibly be caused by Newsleecher?

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    wassup guys..i just signed up to this forum to tell yall, fellow cox customers, that cox retention is now 30 days for on cox website...they went from 6 to 30 plus faster speeds from 256 to 512 on 4 connections..amazing =D

    Information: Cox is Giving Newsgroups a Facelift Summary

    Cox is recognized as offering one of the best free Newsgroup services for our customers (unlike DSL and dial-up competitors that offer limited or no Newsgroup service). High-speed Internet customers who utilize newsgroup service will be able to experience a number of enhancements, including faster transfer speeds and longer storage of newsgroup posts.


    Cox is working with Highwinds, an industry leader in newsgroup management, to:
    • Increase retention by at least 30 days: Retention time for binary newsgroups is being increased from an average of 3 days to at least 30 days. Text groups will have even longer retention.
    • Boost transfer speeds by more than 30%: Each Newsgroup user can utilize up to four connections to the server, and transfer speeds for each connection have been increased from up to 384 Kbps each to up to 512 Kbps each
    The new newgroup servers are available to all customer effective October 24, 2006. Customers that wish to experience Cox's new newsgroup capabilites can add the new server to their group list. The server address is either or, depending on where the customer resides.

    All newsgroup users should experience uninterrupted access to all newsgroups and the ability to enjoy all of the new enhancements.

    Note: Value Tier Customers will not experience any change to newsgroup speeds. Value customer desiring to see increased speeds for Usenet are encouraged to upgrade to our Premier Service.

    here is the website:

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    The summary is that Cox gave up trying to run and maintain their own news servers so they got rid of them, and contracted with some pros (outsourced) to provide newsgroups to Cox customers. The maximum speed you get with 4 connections depends on the terms of their contract with Highwinds.


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