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Thread: Boring Boring Chelsea - Compilation by Me

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    As a project i've been asked to make for college i needed to make a compilation of clips that lasted no longer than 5 minutes and for it to argued with a public viewpoint.

    Well a while ago a lot of people were bitchin' about Chelsea being a boring side and i had quite a few clips. Music wasn't my first choice but again it clashed with the public viewpoint.

    Anyway i've uploaded it and would like some pointers on what could be improved and such.

    Only download if you're going to to post back. Also if you have some spare bandwidth you can upload it to yousendit again and provide a different link as this one will die after 25 downloads.

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    I enjoyed watching that

    If I watched that when you were doing the presentation and was of the opinion that Chelsea are boring (which I am and they are), I would point out that given access to clips from one season, I could make Houillier's Liverpool look exciting by just showing clips of goals and players celebrating. It doesn't prove anything.

    I'm not sure how you can prove that Chelsea play exciting football, because in general, they dont

    They score fantastic goals but football writers' main bone of contention is that they play with one up front, five across the middle and usually incorporate two destructive midfielders. I notice that neither Mackelele nor Essien feature in any clips, maybe if you wanted to show how they entertain, you could find a clip of both doing something creative - tho' you'd have a tough task.

    People are saying that Mourinho's Chelsea are boring, not Ranieri's Chelsea or Guillet's Chelsea, so why is Zola in loads of clips, it's nothing to do with what you're trying to say and is a particularly weak point of your presentation that you might get marked down for (if your lecturer is a footie fan).

    It's good that you included Cech in your clips too, but try to find some midfield play (difficult, I know) that indicates how they can turn defence into attack and also show other teams opening Chelsea up and scoring goals against them.

    Showing how the opposition can get at Chelsea will go further toward proving they are not boring than a collection of goals that Chesea score - no-one is disputing the fact that they score goals, more that their tactics don't allow other teams to score against them - you should definitely focus on that aspect at least as much as showing Chelsea's undoubted attacking qualities.

    The music was great, it puts the viewer in the right mood. Well, apart from the ghey Chelsea song at the end

    Edit: Alternative link for download, if required.
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    It's very good, don't think Zola should be in there though, they got their boring tag after he'd left.

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    is everything.

    Edit: Sorry, this was the first Chelsea thread I could find.
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    It wasn't boring yesterday, agin' Middlesborough.


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