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Thread: Dvd Playerz? .avi, .divx, .mpg?

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    Hello all.

    I am wondering if there are any DVD players out there that will play .avi, .divx, .mpeg, .mpg, .mov files or more? I have an APEX DVD player and it plays .mpg files.

    But It would be great to find a player that all I had to do was pop in a CD/DVD in one of the other formats and it played.

    I hate spending 6-10 hours a day formatting .avi files for VCD/SVCD just so I can watch them on my TV.

    I am aware of players that will do the VCD/SVCD, .JPeg, .jpg, .mpg, .wma.

    But if anyone out there can give any names of any players that will Do it all or something similar. I would appreciate the help.

    Thnx much...

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    try Kiss DVD

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    Buy a DVD drive for your computer
    Why bother with an external DVD player when your computer can do it?

    Just get a good sound card, a video card with a TV-out and some surround speakers - it'll all end up being cheaper than an all-singing, all-dancing DVD player.

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    After a couple more hours of searching through the forumz, I have found some information related to the question I POSTED. It was located in the Multimedia section. I figured this was better posted inthe Hardware section, since it is a DVD player.

    well I have a 64mb Nvidia geforce PCI card, my puter is just too far away from my TV and it sucks to have to drag it over and all that.

    that is why Im looking into the Playerz.

    thnkx for all your input tho!!!



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