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Thread: Copying Files - Two Windows please ?

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    Hi Guys

    I do a lot of copying and moving files from folder to folder and from my C drive to my D drive.

    I woudl love to be able to have 2 windows on screen at once like as in the old Windows 3.11.

    Is there a way to do this with XP ?

    I know there are a few desktop utilities that do this sort of thing, but I usually find that they have disadvantages as well.

    Any suggestions ?


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    Wow. Quite a basic question.

    Open the two windows and then right click the taskbar. Click 'Tile Windows Vertically'.

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    i use classic theme and have multipule windows open all the time...
    ExplorerXP is nice for file maintence, with tabbed windows

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    xplorer2 (or its predecessor 2xplorer) kicks ass and has 2 windows & tabbed windows + lots of other features. Only thing missing i've found is that you can't access the folder options setting of windows explorer (because thats a built in xp thing)


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