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Thread: Do BB workers know anything?

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    Im looking at one of those DS things and i ask the guy at the game department how much it is and he tells me to go to the cell department becuase they have them there even though it was on dysplay at the game part.

    So i go up there looking all around and nothing and i find this guy and ask him how much it is. Hes like i dont know and you should go to the game department. He says he keeps him locked up here but doesnt know how much. The thing is he didnt even try to find out just stood there like a fatass. So im like

    I was gonna say GO FUCKING FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!! The funny thing was that he had a fucked up eye and i kept looking at it. I was like WTF??

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    If Best Buy is the same where you are then the sales people aren't paid commission. They don't have motivation.


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