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Thread: Changing Proccesors

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    I currently have a Athlon 1500+. I am wanting to buy a Pent 4. Would i have to switch out my motherboard in order to install the p4?

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    short answer for a short question, yes

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    Ok, thanks.

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    if i were you though, i'd recommend just buying a faster athlon. a 2000+ is pretty cheap right now, and you wouldn't have to change anything
    what motherboard do you have?

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    the p4 uses socket 478 and the athalon uses socket a i think. you may have to buy new ram depending on what type of ram you got the now, but if you got ddr ram, get a p4 ddr board.

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    Carefull when buying a P4 board as a unscrupoulous vendor may try and flog you the wrong type. Socket 423 is the older socket of the Pentium 4 sockets. Socket 423 Pentium 4's are larger and use 423 pins. They are noticeable because they have a green plate around the processor core from which the actual pins protrude. The 423-pin Pentium 4's are also noticeably larger than the 478-pin units. Intel quickly moved on to the socket 478 format, supporting the newer designed 478-pin P4's. While the two sockets were essentially equals in terms of performance, socket 478 is now the Pentium 4 standard. Intel just is not making 423-pin processors anymore, and these chips are topped out at 2 GHz. Also, all the 512 KB L2 cache Pentium 4's come on Socket 478. Mounting of the CPU coolers are also different for the two sockets.....good luck

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    yeah, the athlon 1500+ is a socket A processor.
    even the fastest current athlon is a socket A, so theoretically you could get the best athlon and not have to change anything
    the performance difference between athlon and pentium is minimum and athlon's are generally cheaper.
    i'd stick with the athlon

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    Indeed. If you have an Athlon setup there's no point in changing to an Intel setup.

    Stick with Athlon. It's cheaper and will serve you just as well as a Pentium.

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    Just be sure your motherboard supports the CPU you get if you do upgrade. Check the BIOS revision too. A lot of times, later BIOS revisions will support faster processors. It's always a good idea to update the BIOS before purchasing a new CPU.

    What brand and model motherboard do you have?

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    Thanks for your help guys (maybe gals, just dont know) i just ordered the AMD Athlon™ XP 2700+ for my computer. Hope the installation goes well

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