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Thread: no internet :( please help

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    ok we have a network of 3 pcs set up to a 4 port router ...last night all were fine

    tried using pc 2 tonight and every time i go on internet explorer it just says page cannot be displayed , checked the other 2 pcs and there fine. Checked all internet programs all says they cant connect.

    i typed in in the browser and up came my router things , it said on there that ethernet cable status was up and i was connected.

    so i checked my connection in connection settings they said connected too !!!

    i did have my ip put in manually so i even tried the other option of setting up automaticly but still nothing !!!!

    please please help

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    Is pc2 the only one with static ip set up? If so you might have followed some bad advice in setting up the dns settings. Go to the properties of your network connection, where you set the static ip and turn the dns server address to automatic.

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    thankyou for replying

    no, static ips were set for every computer ....but when i started having trouble i did put it back to automatic and still nothing. (static had been up and running for a couple of weeks)

    tryed looking on google but im computer iliterate and it said to go into cmd and type ping which i did and the message i got back was "ping request could not find host.please check name and try again" i did this with a few sites and got the same message.

    another thing which might help was when trying to sighn into msn, as it automaticly does, it comes up straight away saying cant connect and so i pressed trouble shoot , it does a test for you

    ip = tick
    default gateway = tick
    IE offline setting = tick
    host file = tick

    DNS = exclamation
    proxy server = tick
    key ports = exclamation
    - wireless

    i dont have a wireless router ??? im totally confused about all of this ....any help would realy help and id be forever in your debt

    p.s i still get same message on msn test if its set to either manual or automatic ip
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    and just came up with security alert syaing it had just blocked a trojan !!!! ? how is it they can get in and i cant get out

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    Check your firewall settings or disable it temporarily and test the connection. Maybe even restart the PC.

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    have disabled my firewall and tried it without and still it doesnt connect ...have also tried re-booting numerous times .....

    weird thing i thought was after disabling my firewall and tryed it , i enabled it again but after rebooting it ends up disabled agin bit weird i thought

    i really am lost on this and dont know what else to try ?

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    ok guys found the cause

    my fault tho lol , i had a pop up from norton asking if i wanted to allow "microsoft generic host win32 to access internet" didnt know what it was so ....after googling it and finding it to be 50-50 wether it was legit or a virus i blocked it . well the results were no IE ...... so i was just checking through and decided the pc couldnt get much worse so enabled it and hey presto !!!!

    thanx for all your help guys

    truly appriciate the time you put in to reply

    thanx again

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    See. I knew it was the firewall.

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    thanx m8

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    yea many ppl cant use firewalls right until they screw up enough times. Same with me.


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