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Thread: Ninja Gaiden Black gen-nings?

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    I have a bunch of RARed gen-ning files part 001 to 072. inside all of these are .iso's. i am right now running the sfv checker to make sure it is all OK, but how do i use the files? i know i have to unrar them and then do i burn the iso's onto a dvd? all of the iso's after the first one are named the exact same thing. should i just select all and tell it to unrar it to seperate archives and then burn with nero or what? (i hate being a noob, but everyone has gotta start somewhere, flame away if you must)

    EDIT: the sfv thing is finished and all of the files are fine. also, i looked for the help file. there was a webpage in spanish so i translated it (it came out more or less incoherent) followed the link it told me to, and was sent to a porn site. kind of annoying. so now i have no readme or reliable help file either.
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    you need to extract the ISO from the first .001 file, it will auto use the other part files.
    you will have 1 DVD iso image.

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    i have the one image now, and i tried to burn it onto a dvd-r as data. i suppose this is wrong because it didnt work. how are you supposed to burn it? is there any special burner you need?

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    Use Nero Burning ROM. Click on 'Recorder'>Burn Image> browse to the image file and 'open'.

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    dang it. im sorry to be such a neusance, i know it is hard to put up with noobs, but now that i have done that, i am getting an error in the xbox. i play through it fine, but then i get right to the first cut scene in which he jumps off a cliff and kills a guy and it says: the disc you are using may be dirty or damaged.

    what is going on? it is freshly burned and everything. was i supposed to resign it or something? if this info is available in a different location, feel free to just post the link and i will try to figure it out from there. again, sorry for the trouble.

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    perhaps the data is corrupt, or perhaps you burt the image at too great a speed. if you feel like trying again, burn it at the slowest speed possible and turn off your screensaver and power saving and leave your computer alone for a little bit.

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    thanks. i will try that, but first get some DVD RW's. i was using my mom's dvd -r's and now theres two that are of absolutley no use.
    i was burning at 8x, and it took like 10 minutes, so i think that it is the speed that is too high. either that or I should be using a specific type of DVD, +r or -r. or even the + or - RW's. once i get a dvd that wont go to waste, i will try again. also, on a side note, do you know how to get it directly onto the hard drive? i am thinking of getting a 100gb one so i will have space for it, but the xbox doesnt recognize the iso as is.

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    Try top quality media and burn at slowest speed.

    Use the media quality guide here:

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    Something that Brainiac has taught me, is that DVDDecrypter burns WAY more quality xbox dvdr's. Since taking his advice, I've not seen a single "dirty or damaged" error.

    Trying using DVDDecrypter to burn your XboX images, rather than Nero. You won't regret it.


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