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Thread: How safe or torrents?

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    I always wonder, How do torrents not get shut down? is it safer using torrents?

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    Torrents can get shutdown if the tracker is shutdown. Im assumming you know the basics of bit torrent and such.. (Look here if you dont)

    As for how safe they are... not very. You can get "caught" downloading illegal material if they are looking.

    But I would recommend using Bit Torrent. I use it and its a great way of downloading. If you need a torrent program, I suggest utorrent
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    I have been active in the torrent scene since i think early 2003, i was one of the top uploaders on suprnova, then after suprnova died, i just took a break. But i am coming back soon.

    Torrents are safe, i think its only a problem if you happen to download some of the new games, or new movies or new stuff in general. Which is why, i dont download movies or tv programs or music, or new games, i only share old games.

    I never once had a problem with nobody, its also best to use sygate. Plus if you must, use


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    or perhaps maingon's 'safer' question pertains to security: just be careful what you download, scan the files, keep a lookout on the comments from other people who have downloaded them already - they usually are nice enough to give warnings.

    i personally haven't had problems with attemted hacks or anything (well at least as my firewall reports it =p

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    I installed NetBarrier on my Mac. Makes me feel a little better...

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    hmm.. dunno how that's gonna protect you from the riaa or other recording agen. but whatever you choose

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    Install Peerguardian 2, use a firewall as well, if you can. And avoid downloading Showtime series, and scene releases of movies not yet in theaters (which are pretty rare anyways).

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    torrents aren't safe at all, you are not protected. use pg2 or ProtoWall

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    I have has a couple e-mails from NBC about downloading someTV shows when I first started torrenting. The e-mails where fwd to me from my ISP . Back then I used puplic trackers. Now nothing but private trackers and no e-mails...

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    It depends on the tracker side and the ISP, the trackers gave the power to stop torrents or not, and ISP's can also block ports etc. Try annomous surfing

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