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Thread: Getting CableTV through PC.

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    Time ago I suscribed to CableTV, then I also got Internet with the same company,
    I guess they just added a new signal or something, cus I used the same cable.
    Ok, the thing is that later I spend more time on the web, so I decided to cancel the
    cableTV and just leave the internet service.
    But a few days ago, a friend told me that I could still get CableTV using my PC and a special software,
    is this true?
    I dont ask how to, just to know if there is some true to it;
    I kind of believed him, cus I know that PCs can be used for a lot of things
    with the proper adaptations.

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    T'is true, however, I don't believe you can get full access.
    I got an App from Peerzy a long time ago that gave me access to like 4 Cable ESPN channels, HBO, and HBO in Japanese. There were others, but nothing worth watching.

    The app basically buffered in and streamed Cable to me, but I've misplaced the app since. I'd like to get it again though.

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    get a black box

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    There once was a time you could get "free" basic cable simply by subscribing to a Cable ISP. This is due to their use of two modulated channels for their inbound/outbound internet traffic. They basically flipped a switch to activate your service. In doing so, their analog TV cable signal was also pumped into your home.

    But alas, this is no longer. Most providers have caught onto this and have made changes in their infrastructure management.

    But, it wouldn't hurt to connect a cable-ready TV to your cable and see what you can receive.

    BTW, most premium channels(HBO, Showtime, et al) are only available on cable companies' digital tiers. Digital cable signals can be completely controlled(turned off/on) by someone sitting at a desk in their offices. This is unlike analog signals which require a physical filter to block and/or allow channels.

    There aren't any companies providing "cable TV" using over the internet.
    If you find a site that offers streaming premium channels, chances are it's illegal.

    IPTV though, will be coming soon(M$ is investing heavily) so the future of "cable" TV is soon to change.
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    if you can do this let me know!

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    Acatually I have connected the cable to the input on my VideoCard, and I do get like five channels exclusive to cable, like FoxSports, SD Padres, and a others.

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