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Thread: what is the best free filesharing program for games

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    i normally use limewire for all my normal downloads mostly music ne way

    but i find that trying to download games off of it gives me alot of adware etc

    sum 1 please help thx -steamed

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    also i would apprecciate it if the program was quick and simple im currently trying to download axis and allies through bi torrent and it dosnt seam to be doing anything

    im confused maybe some1 could walk me through the process

    much appreciated -steamed

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    download utorrent from, then go to

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    I usually use newsgroups as a source for games. I get the downloads really fast, usually maxing out my connection. The games are put up very soon after its release to the public.

    Let me just add. I do usually buy games I like but a lot of the time it turns out to be crap (like 25 to life).
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